Captain Marvel #6 Review

Written by: Kelly Sue DeConnick

Art by: David Lopez & Lee Loughbridge

Publisher: Marvel

After six very action packed issues, Captain Marvel is at the end of the first arc of her new series. Kelly Sue DeConnick, David Lopez, and Lee Loughridge bring a satisfying conclusion to an arc appropriately entitled “Higher, Further, Faster, More.”

For six issues Carol has been dealing with a conflict on a refugee world. For the most part it played somewhere between a political film and a mystery. As an Avenger Carol felt an obligation to help, but as a diplomat her hands were tied. This issue finally sees things come to a head as the mystery is solved and all things political are thrown to the wayside. This issue is seems to be all about timing and there is one moment in particular that plays out that just make you want to throw a fist in the air. Carol is getting it done, and getting it done quickly.

David Lopez brings a heavy hand to this finale. Carol has had to deal with a lot in this arc and a lot is trying to fight its way out. Lopez draws Carol letting it out superbly. He doesn’t portray her relishing the situation. Instead, he draws her fiercely and completely in control of the situation. While Lopez seems to get everything right in teams of the art itself, he seems to rely on too heavily on one thing in his storytelling. Throughout this book there are a lot of close ups panels of peoples faces. When the action hit, it hit, but it felt as if there were a lot of head on face close ups to fill space in the issue.

Lee Loughridge’s colors are to be applauded. Every setting and scene seems to have it’s own shade. All of the ground scenes are a nice yellow, all the J’Son scenes are red, and even the one panel of Jackie in her ship is a nice pink. It looks like the only parts of the book in “full” color are the space set scene, and a single panel of a landscape. It shows importance with respect to the rest of the book. You see these and know big things are happening.

Now that this arc is over and the first leg of her stint in space is over it’ll be interesting how she handles things as they get bigger, and weirder as the cosmic setting tends to get. In the wider Marvel Universe she’s also running around with the Guardians of the Galaxy and that can lead to some cool things that I hope all of us get to see.