Comic Book Cover of the Week! 10/30/13

Welcome back fellow nerds to the another installment of the Comic Book Cover of the Week! I know it’s been a few weeks since the last one but I’ll be taking over and here’s how it works:  Each week two fellow writers on We The Nerdy, will pick out their cover of the week. Each will discuss why he/she thinks their cover is worth noting, mentioning style, detail, use of colors and general esthetic appeal. Joining me this week is Oscar Russell and James Burrell.


Captain America: Living Legend #2

This week the latest cover from Adi Granov for Captain America: Living Legend #2 really stood out to me (As did the cover to #1). Adi Granov has been tasked by Marvel Studios to do concept art for previous Marvel films, including Avengers and Iron Man 3, and with this quality of art it’s no surprise. Here we see what appears to be Cap in the present with a very modern take on his Captain America uniform; which contrasts very well with the world war II setting we saw from last months issue. Adi Granov has a very realistic art style, similar to Alex Ross but with a modern approach. At times this art style can lead to very still, undynamic interior art but with this being a cover it looks absolutely gorgeous. Great contrast with the snowy background and his uniform, although the coloring on the uniform is more matted; giving the appearance of Cap’s uniform being more body armor than just skin tight spandex. The high level of detail, especially with his uniform, the sheen on the shield and the inclusion of his breath appearing in the cold weather make for almost photo realistic art. Granov is just great at creating such heroic poses and really makes this look like it might be a movie poster.


Punisher Trial of Punisher #2 – Oscar Russell
For me, one of the criteria for being a brilliant cover is creating the need to want to see it framed on my wall; it has to be posteresque pin up you might say. This issue of Trial of The Punisher is just that, with art by Leinil Yu, in what looks like a beautiful oil painting the Punisher is seen standing in a pool of bodies. When it comes to a Punisher book, dead people near him is normally pretty high on the list of things you will find within and this cover delivers that for certain, although there is a distinct lack of a gun on his person, and the fact that he is in cuffs, so how are they all dead? There is a lot of detail going on in this one page, I do find myself spotting something else small each time I have a glance at it. The book itself may not have been getting the best reviews, and there has been very little fanfare towards it, but for an art exhibition it hasn’t been all that bad. Yu definitely has a certain style to his work that will probably suit most people, and has a very distinct stroke which is really nice to look at. Either way this is something I would like on my wall.

Trial of the Punisher

Guardians of the Galaxy #8 – James Burrell

I was going to go for the cover of the first issue of Sandman Overture until I saw this and just had to change my mind, for two main reasons. One it’s Francesco Francavilla drawing the Guardians of the Galaxy, just look at that Rocket Raccoon and two, it’s not what you’re used to from Francavilla. He is one of the best artists to employ a pulp style on the stands today, but what we have here is a strong example of a POP! art style from the single tone blue background to the shades of pink lighting the cast and the placement of the askew logo. It’s a very nice style I would like to see him try more often. There is just something about the way he draws characters that i find very appealing, he plays with shadows in a style that is full of detail but at the same time leaves a lot to the imagination. I will admit I am a few issues behind with this series but what I read was fun and this cover tells me that fun could be contained within, it does make me want to catch up with the series. Plus Francavilla drawing Rocket is a reason worth repeating it’s just a shame the Infinity Border surrounds it a borderless variant would be nice.