Comic Book Cover of the Week! 11/6/13

Welcome back fellow nerds to the another installment of the Comic Book Cover of the Week! I know it’s been a few weeks since the last one but I’ll be taking over and here’s how it works:  Each week two fellow writers on We The Nerdy, will pick out their cover of the week. Each will discuss why he/she thinks their cover is worth noting, mentioning style, detail, use of colors and general esthetic appeal. Joining me this week is Randy Ochoa and James Burrell.


Fatale #18

Sean Phillips is great with interior art but his covers on the various titles he’s worked on over the years have always been amazing. Generally going with a noir style, this is a bit of a departure from his usual fare but still manages to stand out among the other books this week. I love the use of color, especially on what I imagine is Josephine’s dress, showcasing her joy in dancing and also perhaps indicating the fiery secrets and abilities she hides. The band in the background covered in red however, along with the dark clouds, more likely represent how no dealings with Josephine every end up without tragedy and blood being spilled. I really love how the majority of Phillip’s covers are very simple but manage to perfectly capture and convey the tone of the story or capture the inspirational tone, i.e. the pulp comics from the early 1900’s. It’s worth noting that a lot of Phillip’s covers, especially with Fatale, play with borders; this issue having a white border that contrasts very nicely with the dark reds and really reminding me more of a classy magazine than a comic book.


Action Comics 25 – James Burrell

It was a tough choice again this week between two Zero Year tie ins, Green Arrow 25 got close but it just doesn’t compare to the majesty of this image. I’m not overly familiar with Aaron Kuder’s art I think he drew one of the Villains month issues I read but I don’t really recall, however if this is what I can expect on the inside I’m one hundred percent in. The iconography in this image is for me a jaw hitting the floor moment, a gotham skyline bathed in red about to face the blue of an oncoming storm. Superman blended into the storm is a very nice idea, a young brash and still kind of angry Superman coming to sort out Gotham and it’s sins. Now the thing that strikes me most about this cover is the way the clouds at the top have been drawn, the line work is something that I think is reminiscent of classical art the kind that features the gods of old, coupled with the lightning and the shadows on his face this really strikes home the idea of Superman as a god come to pass his judgment down on Gotham.


Amazing X-Men #1 – Randy Ochoa

Do you know what’s cooler than one cover? A wraparound cover. Keeping count? That’s two covers. The character featured on this cover is none other than the long absent Nightcrawler. While the Age of Apocalypse Nightcrawler that had been running around was a fun addition to the Uncanny X-Force team, it’s a great welcome to the original and best. His dynamic pose and his literal swing into action is what makes this such a great image for not only the first issue of a new series, but for the reintroduction of a beloved characters. This speaks a lot for the direction of the book. And with the scene being on a pirate ship with a pirate looking Azazel, accompanied by a gang of red BAMFs, there is a big promise of action and adventure. And in the end, the art is done by Ed McGuinness which should be enough to make anyone love this cover immediately.