Darkseid Special #1 Review

Written by: Mark Evanier

Art by: Scott Kolins

Published by: DC Comics

Finally the Special about one of the most important characters Kirby created for DC!

Mark Evanier brings a different side to Apokolips in this special., one that’s rarely seen. As fun as it was to see the life on Apokolips, I was expecting more of a story about Darkseid, rather than the resistance against him.

This book’a biggest problem is that theoe characters are not likable. Darkseid’s portrayal feels off, as his traditional looming presence is missing here. Darkseid was always supposed to be a larger than life character, but Evanier struggles to develop a sense of gravitas in the limited space he has.

The focus of the book is on characters that we don’t really know or care about. Being a one shot, there simply aren’t enough pages to flesh out the cast. It’s also unlikely that we’ll see their story picked up in other books. Within the limited confines of the story, I do not believe their struggle is represented in a meaningful fashion.

Scott Kolins’ art here is competent, and he tries to use Kirby-inspried effects. The lack of emotion on character’s faces is unfortunately very evident here. The representation of the Furies is also OK, but they too lack the sense of dread they are known for. Darkseid as well is mostly shown as a regular dictator, when he is lot more than that.

This is one of the main reasons this story does not work. It’s a shame, considering Darkesid is one of the most interesting Kirby creations and it would have been great to see him in his own adventure. Even a retrospective or a dive into his inner conflict would have sufficed for the purposes of this one shot.

The issue also includes an OMAC story from Sam Humphries and Steve Rude. While short, it is reminder that OMAC is a fun character, but doesn’t work in long runs. It was fun to see Brother Eye back in action as well. Overall it was an enjoyable enough short story.

Overall Darkseid Special is a bit of a disappointment, as it truly had a potential to be best of the Kirby Specials.  If you want to complete the DC’s celebration of Kirby’s birthday, get it, otherwise it is easily skippable filler chapter in the story of Apokolips.