Death or Glory #2 Review

Written By: Rick Remender

Art By: Bengal

Published By: Image Comics

Death or Glory is back, and we get a gruesome look into just what exactly that truck was for. Also, Glory comes up with a new plan to make some money.

Alright so, the second issue of Rick Remender’s Death or Glory is a bit more uh… fucked up this time around. Thanks to Glory’s failed heist, we learn that Andy was trafficking illegal immigrants to a man named Korean Joe, a doctor who harvests their organs for high profile clients in need. If Joe doesn’t get more stock to keep his clients happy, then he’ll be collecting what he needs from Andy and his men. It’s a very brutal moment if I’m being honest, but it’s also a great way to see just how deep the hole Glory has dug for herself.

What’s best about this issue is that it keeps up the momentum from the first without the need for an action sequence. Korean Joe is a scary guy and he clearly isn’t to be trifled with. Glory takes a breather as she comes up with a new plan to get the money she needs, but it doesn’t feel like it slows anything down. If anything, it helps develop her character by offering some insight into her relationship with Andy and in a way, shes like a modern day Robin Hood, even if she doesn’t realize it.

To add a dash of dark humor, there’s a really uncomfortable scene featuring the two police officers under Andy’s payroll. They’re terrified of Andy, so they concoct the only plan they can come up with while the Sheriff punishes his deputy in probably one of the most absurd ways I’ve ever seen in comics. The crazy part is…. the deputy doesn’t even fight it. It at least made me flinch a little.

Simply put, Death or Glory #2 keeps up with the momentum from the first issue really well despite it being all dialogue. Remender keeps the pressure on as the introduction of Korean Joe adds a real sense of weight to Glory’s actions from the previous issue.