Deathloop (X/S version)- Quick Time Review

Developer: Arkane Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Release date: September 14, 2021 (PS5), September 20, 2022 (Xbox Series X/S- reviewed, PC)

Available on: PS5, PC, Xbox Series X/S

Arkane Studios, the guys behind the Dishonoured franchise and Prey, delivered their version of a rogue-like to the PS5 in the form of Deathloop, a twisting time bending shooter in which players can choose to destroy the loop playing as Colt, or choose to invade other players’ games (like the Souls games) as Julianna to preserve the loop. The game is both unique and at times reminiscent of the Christopher Nolan film Inception as well as a sometimes frustrating rogue-like shooter. When you get a good flow going and begin to eliminate targets and acquire more abilities and enhance your weapons, the game can be very satisfying and thrilling to play. When things go wrong, however, frustration can set in quickly as you die and die over and over again. Fortunately, gaining those perks outweighs the bad, making this game worth pushing through. Your time with the game can vary, depending on how much you explore or fail, but most will have around a 20 hour experience.


  • Various ways to complete missions (can go full stealth or guns blazing)
  • Good selection of weapons and gadgets
  • Well done story that encourages exploration to find clues
  • Great main characters in Colt and Julianna
  • Plenty of detail in nicely varied levels
  • Can get a nice selection of perks and abilities to choose from


  • At times cheap deaths
  • Awkward in spots to pick up items
  • Climbing limited
  • Time to fix jammed weapons can be frustatingly long
  • No mid-mission saves (always need to return to tunnels to save game)

In all, Deathloop is a very unique game that is well worth your time. It’s not perfect, as there are moments of frustration that can make you want to ditch the game all together. But pushing through and gaining more abilities can make the game very satisfying, and exploration can be very rewarding as you uncover clues. It’s another winner from Arkane Studios, and good for X/S and PC players that the game is now available on those platforms (even better, it’s on Game Pass). The game performs well on its new platforms, and is a must play.

9/10 stars