Dragon Age: Magekiller #2 Review

Written by: Greg Rucka

Art by: Carmen Carnero, Terry Pallot, and Michael Atiyeh

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

After reading the first issue, I thought about when the comics might intersect with the games. That is, when would a significant event happen in the comic that I would find familiar and relatable based on my experiences with the games. The question had always been when, since the games were what formed the backbone of Dragon Age, and I expected for there to be some kind of homage to it. It seems like my thoughts were answered this issue.

Following where the first issue left off, we were greeted by a more in depth look at the Tevinter Imperium. Where the first issue introduced to us the atmosphere and the environment of the nation, this issue gave to us the look and feel of the capital city of Minrathous. The art is wonderfully done and reflects what I imagined the capital city to look like based on the games. The art team has definitely accurately transcribed the multitudes of codex articles into the beautiful city that we see in this week’s issue. I also love how well incorporated the Greco-Roman architecture is. While the Tevinter Imperium is based off of the Byzantine empire (and spiritually, the Roman empire), the art does just enough to show hints of the Byzantine influence while still remaining original and true to its Dragon Age-ness.

Story wise, the issue has been just as exciting as the first one. I have always been a fan of Greg Rucka and I appreciate his writing style. He gets to the point when he needs to and when there is time for subtleties, he ensures that the thoughts are all fleshed out. And that is exactly what happens in this issue. His consistency never ceases to amaze. And lastly, Tessa’s narration. It’s simple but effective. While some may think it annoying and a simple way to flesh out the context, I like how it invokes Varric, who was one of my favourite characters in the game, and I’m sure many other players will say the same.

It is a great thing to see consistency in this comic and it is even greater thing to see that the story is now starting to pick up pieces from the games. I can tell that the creative team was, at the very minimum, exposed to the Dragon Age series. They continue to do a good job invoking the emotions felt when players experienced the world and I hope they continue to do so. Also, the sky opening.