Dragon Marked for Death Review

Developer: Inti Creates

Publisher: Inti Creates and Nighthawk Interactive

Digital Release: January 31st 2019
Physical Release: March 26th, 2016

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

In Dragon Marked for Death you play as one of four members of the Dragonblood clan out for revenge when the rest of your clan is wiped out by an invading force. After making a pact with a dragon, you gain the power to fight back and save one of the only other surviving members of your clan.

Upon starting a new game you’re asked to select between the Empress, Knight, Shinobi and Witch(provided you bought the physical version or both packs of the game digitally). Each character has their own special abilities and traits that help make them feel unique from one another. The Empress for instance mainly focuses on melee attacks but her Dragon Arm can fire strong ranged attacks or be used as a tool for traversal by turning into a grappling hook. Meanwhile the Witch can cast healing spells and makes a worthy support class. After the initial tutorial at the start of the game, you’re taken to the hub town where you’ll pick up new quests and manage your gear. Dragon Marked for Death is a 2D sidescrolling platformer with simple controls and it’s easy to pick up and play without being too easy. Solo players will almost certainly find the quests to be quite a challenge though. As you complete quests you’ll discover new items and gain experience to level up and increase your characters stats.

Which brings me to my biggest complaint. I like co-op games and Dragon Marked for Death can be played locally with friends or you can play with 3 total strangers via online matchmaking provided you subscribe to Nintendo’s online services. However, I can never seem to find any body to play with. In my first few hours with the game, I played 2 quests with a group and it’s honestly a much better game when other people are involved. With that being said though, I feel like the Shinobi character really kinda breaks the game. His homing dash really makes the various enemies in the game a cake walk.

The pixelated artwork in Dragon Marked for Death is phenomenal. I particularly enjoy The Empress’ design. Level design might just leave players wanting however. The level design is pretty basic for a platformer. You just traverse through the levels while fighting monsters and they tend to lack the environmental hazards you’ve come to expect from other platformers. The monsters really do more than make up for the lack of those hazards though and there are little treasures hidden throughout the levels that make exploration worth it.

Dragon Marked for Death is a pretty good 2D Action Platformer. My biggest complaint is the multiplayer and the lack of people you can get grouped with. While the game is definitely challenging solo, it never feels too hard or too easy, although I think the Shinobi is a little OP. You can buy Dragon Marked for Death digitally but the game is split into 2 packages plus the other DLC packs that add new quests to the game or you can buy it physically and it comes packaged with everything as well as some bonus goodies if you buy the initial wave.

WeTheNerdy gives Dragon Marked for Death an 8 out of 10.