Dream Police #3 Review

Written by: Michael Straczynski

Art by: Sid Kotian

Publisher: Image

This is definitely the strongest issue so far in my opinion. I felt that Joe has finally found his voice in all the narration and that the story really progressed while also producing a great procedural story this issue.

In the past couple of issues there were a lot of introductions and the story seemed to flit from one thing to the next, however, this issue was well paced and delved deep into Joe as a being.

Straczynski manages to inter-weave the main story thread with the procedural case excellent. To recap the main focus of this book so far is that our main guy Joe Thursday remembers always being a Dream Police Officer in the Dreamscape. Along with this he also remembers always being partnered by Kate Black, the problem with this, is as we saw in the debut issue, is that she hasn’t always been his partner and that for some reason his partner, whom we were initially introduced to, Frank Stafford has vanished and isn’t even remembered by Joe, however he does have some feeling that something is wrong, this is because he thinks he may be dreaming or seeing things and Dream Police are not meant to dream.

The procedural this issue focussed on a Dream Police Officer having tried to arrest a dreamer and interrupt their dream for no apparent reason. This we find out is against the rules for Dream Police and those that do interfere with dreamers dreams get banished to a dark void. I really liked this story and I felt it was the strongest detective store from all the issues so far.

The main story thread progressed nicely too. We see Joe tell Kate the dreams/conscious seeing things that Joe has been experiencing so it will be interesting to see where this goes as I am unsure about Kate whether she is a good guy or just a pawn in the Dreamscape creation based on her appearance in the first issue.. We also see Joe scooping around the ‘Black Files’, which we aren’t told too much about, looking for his own file to perhaps job his brain to remember what this thing is that is irritating him. We also see that at the end of each day he goes to unwind at a dreamers kitchen where he gets to tell his whole day and she doesn’t even know he exists and will he uses it as a form of counselling. I really liked these sequences and I am very intrigued as to where this is going based on the last part of this issue.

Overall, I am still fascinated by the Dreamscape and I am really liking the world Straczynski is fleshing out. He has really followed the same story narrative for each of the three issues so far but I felt this one was the strongest in terms of balancing the procedural and delving into the overall story and mystery which surrounds the Dreamscape. I am looking forward to seeing where this goes next but hopefully it will build on this great issue and will not veer from us finding out more about what has happened to Frank Stafford.