Evolve Gets Delayed And Why It’s A Good Trend For Gaming

Recently publisher 2K Games announced that their upcoming 1v4 multiplayer game was getting pushed back from its original release date in October to February 10th 2015. Although gamers who were eagerly awaiting the promising shooter are disappointed by the news, the overall trend of games getting delayed is a good thing for gamers and the gaming industry alike.


Evolve follows Watch Dogs, DriveClub, Battlefield Hardline and many other games that have recently seen their original release dates pushed back. The news is never really celebrated as it means gamers will have to wait longer to get their hands on the titles they have been anticipating to play but is a good thing for the overall quality of games as well as the credibility of the games industry. Nothing is more frustrating than putting in your game disc on launch day to encounter game-breaking glitches that prevent you from playing, as was recently the case for many people with Battlefield 4. Delays ultimately give developers more time to polish their games and make sure they represent their artistic vision, which should, in theory, lead to better sales due to positive press. This trend of publishers not rushing developers into putting out an unfinished product doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon and will ultimately lead to gamers being more satisfied with the products they pay sometimes upwards of $60 to play.