Five things to expect at PSX 2015

Greatness awaits! And with great expectations come ridiculous predictions. With this in mind, We The Nerdy is predicting the following five announcements at PSX this weekend:

1. Full PS2 backwards compatibility plus Trophy support for select games

GTA3 Trophy

Sony has been eerily quiet in response to Microsoft’s pointed jabs like the viciously scripted, “We won’t make you pay for the games you already own” at E3.

In a way, this won’t be quite as impressive as the Xbox 360 emulation, but this is a Sony event so any announcement of the sort will blow the roof off the place and set the internet ablaze. That, and the PS2 has a North American library of nearly 2,000 games! Even if it is a generation older than the Xbox 360, full-blown PS2 emulation, with no timed rollout, no this-works-but-that-doesn’t, will easily eclipse any goodwill Microsoft garnered earlier this year.

Some might say this is a sure thing, so I’ll make the prediction a little more specific. Sony will announce that a selection of first-party games will have full Trophy support with more to come. This would get me to play some oldies-but-goodies. It might even lead me to look at PlayStation Now a little differently…

One more thing: One free PS2 game per month with PlayStation Plus (potentially at the cost of a Vita game).

2. We will finally be able to change our PSN names.

Ever feel like the entire PlayStation Network is laughing at you behind your back?

This isn’t the first time I’ve predicted this, but it has to happen sometime, right? In many ways, it makes more sense to make this announcement to a PlayStation-obsessed audience. Xbox Live gamers have been able to do this since day one, and for everything the PS4 does right, this is approaching incompetence in terms of offering a gamer-centric experience.

Sony will mimic the Microsoft model: first time is free but future changes will cost $10.

If this happens, feel free to change your PSN to “AwesomeShlong,” I can personally guarantee you that it’ll be available.

3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

“PlayStation is the new home for Call of Duty.” Activision and Sony have been playing Marco Polo in a giant pool of money these days and are about to hit us with a tidal wave of dude-bro goodness. Widely regarded as the most important Call of Duty in the series, Modern Warfare defied all expectations and set the franchise on a multi-billion-dollar trajectory.

With regards to a current-gen remaster, Activision Publishing CEO told GameInformer “I would love to play Modern Warfare 1 or the original Black Ops. There’s certainly a deep well there. No announcements, but it’s something we talk about and think about a lot.”

I think the time is now. And after this Nuketown bomb is dropped, the audience will let out a collective, “I’m not even mad.”

4. Expandable memory

There are two theoretical solutions to running out of hard drive space and Xbox One employs the easier of the two. Sony will announce support for USB 3.0 external hard drives and will sell first-party products that include a free trial for PlayStation Plus.

5. Infamous

Just the logo. And Cole. 2017.

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