Game of Thrones, Season 6 Episode 2: “Home” Review

Posted May 3, 2016 by Henry Wong in Nerdy Bits

*****Spoilers Everywhere!!!!*****


Who saw that coming? We left off Season five with the death of pretty much everybody’s beloved character Jon Snow. The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, the bastard of Ned, one of the only “heroes” left on this side of the Narrow Sea. Through the past year, everybody, and by everybody I mean me and all of Jon Snow’s fans on Reddit, dug through all of the evidence in the world for a sign that he would return. Suffice to say, the creators, cast and all those associated with the production of Game of Thrones played a really good game. And so this week of Game of Thrones, we were very much satisfied (again, we as in Jon Snow’s fans) that he has indeed returned to life. I have to say that the show did a remarkable job keeping the audience anticipating his return. Unlike The Walking Dead’s ridiculous job with Glenn (you know what I mean), the show only kept us waiting for the better parts of two episodes. Two because he comes back to life at the very end of this week’s episode. And for that, I applaud the showrunners.

Coming off of that, the build up to Jon’s scenes were usually really bearable. A lot of people complain about how many characters the show has but to me, that is not a problem. I think Game of Thrones has done a great job keeping their characters interesting. Every character has been building and developing in their own ways and they all face their own unique challenges. Challenges that make sense. And as such, I didn’t mind taking some time away from learning about Jon’s fate this week’s episode to get to know what’s happening with these other characters. Take for instance Arya. In a small tidbit of a scene, I think it was around three minutes long, we get to feel the pain Arya feels and at the same time, we also understand that perhaps she finally understands the many faced god and the religion associated with it (Great acting by Maisie Williams. I would have been equally pissed off and frustrated had I been hit with a stick while being blind.) Another character, Bran Stark, has also come back from his non-existence in Season five. And even after such a long period of absence, we still get drawn in to his story plot. Yes, a lot of people don’t seem to enjoy his story, but I liked what the showrunners have done with him this episode. We can see that he’s progressed into becoming a better Warg, and it is through him that we get to learn even more interesting things about the Stark family, which, I’m willing to bet, will lead us to learn about Jon Snow’s parentage. In this way, not only does Bran have a good story arc to develop, but through him, he’s become our channel into the past. Superbly creative!



It was announced a week or so ago that the Game of Thrones would end within two seasons, or 13 episodes (yes, great things must end someday lest they become bad things.) As such, the showrunners have to begin wrapping up the series. And you can start to see this. The characters who have “matured” have begun taking into their new boots. Tyrion for example, is finally being taken for serious as an administrator. The story is becoming more and more… hopeful, for a lack of a better word (we don’t know if this series will have a happy ending, but I’d like to think so). We are starting to discover the final details of characters. Stories are starting to progress to points where our characters can right wrongs that have been done to them (I’m looking at you Reek. You better become something when you go back to the Iron Isles). And if this week’s episode was any indication, it looks are we really are starting to head “Home”.

Shocker Moments of the Week:

1) Lord Bolton…Stabbed by his Bastard? (What a B@$^@&D)

2) Walda Bolton and the Baby…Eaten by Starving Hounds



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