Game OvR, Man! EP16: We Heart E3 Predictions! (And Max Max: Fury Road Spoilercast)

Do you love video games and movies? Then Game OvR, Man! is the podcast for you! The concept is simple, the Optimist vs the Realist. Take two friends with different personalities, sit them down with microphones and let them discuss the latest happenings in their lives regarding video games and movies.

This week Rory (The Optimist) and Sean (The Realist) discuss Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin, share our E3 predictions, read some predictions from our listeners and cap it off with an hour long discussion of Mad Max: Fury Road at the end of the show.

Please be advised that there are F bombs a plenty.

Opening bumper song: “Mutate Me” by Into Another from the album “Seemless”