Gaming News for July 12th, 2017

Happy Wednesday!

Today, we have What Remains of Edith Finch coming to Xbox One next week (#4),  a neat demo tour of the new update of ARMS from GameExplain (#5),  and the Overwatch League gets city-based teams (#13). Enjoy!


1-One Piece: Grand Cruise announced for PlayStation VR; “unprecedented” One Piece game also announced (Source: Gematsu, Sal Romano)

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2-Gintama action game announced for PS4, PS Vita (Source: Gematsu, Sal Romano)

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3- Fairpoint dev tells Sony what he wants in PSVR 2.0 (Source: Finder, Chris Stead, Credit to NeoGAF user Shin)

At some point Sony will iterate and improve its VR headset with a PSVR 2: when that happens, what order would you like to see Sony put its focus from the following features – a wireless headset, a Move 2.0 controller, room-scale and improved resolution?

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4- What Remains of Edith Finch coming to Xbox One on July 19th (Source: Gematsu, Sal Romano)

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5- ARMS 2.0 Update Tour! Playable Max Brass, Hedlok Scramble, Sky Arena, & New Arms!

6- Pokemon UltraSun and UltraMoon Steelbook versions announced

UK Version

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7- New Mario Kart GP VR Video (Source: Nintendo Everything, Brian)


8- More Wii U Ports Heading To Switch! Is This a Good Thing?


9- Pokemon teasing something for the 19th


I love that cave music.

3rd Party/Miscellaneous

10- Resident Evil Revelations Remastered coming August 31st, $20 USD Xbox one and PS4

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11-Making Cyberpunk: when Mike Pondsmith met CD Projekt Red (Source: Eurogamer, Robert Purchese)

We had Communism and we had Cyberpunk.”

Mike Pondsmith would hear those words 25 years after he’d joked about how few people would play a Polish translation of his American paper role-playing game Cyberpunk in a country behind the Iron Curtain. They would be the words spoken by a company offering him the deal of his life, and the words responsible for him signing it. Now nearly 30 years after Mike Pondsmith first published Cyberpunk, we’re about to see the fruits of the seeds he once inadvertently sowed: Cyberpunk 2077…

But first, of course, there’s Cyberpunk 2077. When it will be out, we don’t know – ‘not before 2017’ is all CD Projekt Red has ever said. My guess is 2019, but then what do I know?

“Think of me!” blurts Pondsmith. “I know a bunch of stuff and I can’t tell anybody. Lisa and I are likening it to the first Indiana Jones movie years and years ago. We went to a midnight showing before it was a mass release. We’re in there, it’s this midnight showing at this rinky-dink little theatre in Davis, California, and we watch and we’re two of 12 people in the theatre, and we walk out and we go, ‘OH MY GOD!’ We were frothing. And it’s the same thing here.”

“As Lisa likes to say: ‘We backed the right horse.'”


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12- EVO Championships 2017 is this weekend! The biggest video game fighting tournament of this year.

Check out the NeoGAF thread for more info

13- Overwatch League Gets City-Based Teams (Source: Gameinformer, Matthew Kato)

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14- Blizzard account authentication is live!

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15- The Surge is getting a demo next week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC

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16- Is high-end VR a dead end? The Rift, Vive, and PSVR could fall short of success on their own while still securing a brighter future for VR (Source: gamesindustry.biz, Brendan Sinclair)

The current generation of virtual reality is not dead, but it’s not exactly full of life, either. What once was a pulsating buzz has faded into the background of an industry, not because there are newer, shinier toys to play with, but simply because for all the newness and shine of VR, there has been little evidence that a significant audience exists for the experiences we can deliver at this time.

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17- Dota 2 breaks eSports prize pool record again (Source: gamesindustry.biz, Brendan Sinclair)

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18- Destiny 2: Creating the Sentinel Titan Subclass – IGN First

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