Gotham: “Tonight’s the Night” Review

Have you ever gotten into an argument with your significant other because you made out with your criminally insane ex while they watched from the next room? No? Well, that’s because you don’t live in Gotham. This week we saw Barbara try to bring Gordon over to the dark side, Bruce almost throw away his parents company, and Galvand has seemingly been caught. Because he trusted Barbara with vital information. And Nigma went hiking. I had higher hopes for Barbara. This was a good ‘final’ episode for her, but I wish she were in it more. Even when she’s crazy, the writers don’t know what to do with her. She will most likely return because they had the perfect opportunity to kill her and still didn’t go through with it. But still overall a solid episode.
Ever since she was introduced the writers have bent over backwards trying to make Leslie the cool chick girlfriend. She’s in on everything. She doesn’t do what most TV girlfriends do. But this week I think they broke that believability. She watched her long-term boyfriend make out with her ex and had absolutely nothing to say about it? Sure we got the “We need to talk” line at the end of the episode but wow Gordon is on a long leash.

This is what one year and a bad writers room can do to a character…

And as crazy as Barbara was, she had a point that Gordon seemingly had a death wish. He always takes the riskiest path when doing something for work. His ‘Judgement.’ to make out with Barbara and play along ultimately went nowhere because in the next scene he’s treating her like a common criminal when throwing her in the squad car. Ultimately though it leads to Barbara giving up Galavand under no duress. She just mentions that the old mayor is alive and where he is. Because ya know we got to keep, this plot was moving somehow.
Bruce is not giving up his company was also a huge sigh of relief. That may have been the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen a character on this show contemplate. I know you miss your parents but it’s been over two years its time to either move on or do your digging. Not selling your soul to this man you met a few months ago.

For some reason, I’ve enjoyed watching Nigma more now that he’s insane, but his quiet trip to the woods was a nice detour for him. And it also showed how easy it is for him to kill now. It’s just a second thought. And more importantly he now has some tie to the rest of the show now that he met Penguin. Although other than that odd meeting at the GCPD I don’t know how they are on a first name basis.

Welcome to Bond Villain 101

But ultimately this was Barbara’s episode and it started off just as crazy as she is. With a weird Wedding ceremony involving Penguin as the Priest. Galavand on the Organ, Leslie in a wedding dress. And guns pointed at her head. so you know, normal Barbara stuff. I wasn’t expecting or wanting her to die at the end when she fell from that Church window all dramatic like, but I was a bit let down that she was alive.
What comes next is interesting, you have to imagine Galavand gets out of this arrest somehow, whether by being charming or his super secret organisation. Or who knows maybe he operates from prison now. But I can’t imagine he goes without some fight. Rise of the Villains is the slogan for this season and they have done a better job of developing and setting up this Rouges Gallery of guys for Gordon to face off its just that the execution isn’t always what you want. yet again a solid albeit flawed episode of Gotham.