Guardians of The Galaxy – Review

Every once in a while something wonderful happens. You build up high expectations for a film, and he overcomes them delivering something you couldn’t possibly believe. This is one of them.

“Guardians of The Galaxy” is probably my favorite film this year, it’s weird and fun and colorful and with a good heart. Have you ever been close to tearing up because of a talking tree that speaks only three words? I have. It was awesome.

The best way to start is by speaking about the characters. Now, a warning for the parents, if you take your kid to this, keep in mind you’ll have to buy some Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and Groot (Vin Diesel) toys later this year, because they’re gonna love them. What’s incredible about Guardians is how every character steals the scene from another. It’s constant, it’s never ending. At one moment you’re laughing with Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) then Drax (Dave Bautista) does something cool and all of a sudden Gamora (Zoe Saldana) makes your jaw drop. The dynamic between the characters, the way they bounce off of each other is fantastic, the pacing is perfect and so is the way the movie is structured. I loved every character and my favorite changed from scene-to-scene.

And the acting? Top notch. I hope Chris Pratt is ready to become a movie star because between this and next year’s Jurassic World, he’s going places. He is, of course, at his best when it’s a comedy moment, but there’s also great power coming from him in more serious scenes. Zoe Saldana, sci-fi’s favorite daughter, once again establishes herself as one my favorite actress around. When you watch this, pay close attention to her physicality, her body posture. She sells Gamora every second by just standing still, and you may not even be looking. Bautista is probably the surprise performance, he is incredibly funny and Drax, the one character I thought I would find boring, is actually one of the most heartfelt ones.

Then there’s big two. Rocket and Groot. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel. They’re 2014’s Han Solo and Chewbacca. Their interactions with each other are perfect and only the kind of thing you see in old time friend. Cooper’s Rocket is funny but there’s also a clear pain in his voice, originating from the character’s past. I was actually surprised to see how much of a bad boy he is, don’t come into this movie expecting a cute little funny animal. And Vin Diesel. Damn, Vin Diesel’s work here is probably the best part of this movie. He does have one of the most deep voices in Hollywood and the casting here was downright perfect. I loved to find out, via his interviews, that by the side of every “I am Groot” on the script there was a line explaining what he had to speak with only three words. He rose to the challenge and gave an outstanding performance, transforming Groot into a deep, well developed character. Again, all with three words.

And yes, the movie is hilarious. The screening I went to was literally laughing out loud, people were losing themselves. A certain scene in which Drax shoots someone badmouthing Gamora and another that deals with Rocket and a mechanical leg brought the house down. The former actually earned the movie a round of applause before it was even over (of course, by the time the credits came, more clapping). But what’s so great is that behind the excellent humor there’s character development. It’s easy to just laugh it out, but if you actually pay attention to what the characters are saying or doing, you’ll find out more about them. This is humor done right.

Of course, Marvel fans will have an amazing time when they see that obscure character, or that Infinity Stone showing up. Speaking of, Thanos is here, and he was another stellar casting by Marvel Studios. The moment he spoke and Josh Brolin’s voice echoed around I felt evil coming out of that screen. It’s exactly what Thanos needs to be.

In one of the trailers, a member of the Nova Corps says something like “This might not be a good idea” just before we get the title “Guardians of The Galaxy”. I believe that was actually Marvel speaking, because this movie might not have been a good idea. You’re dealing with characters very few people know, and while it’s great for the comic fan, your average Joe won’t know who Star-Lord is, and just like one of the villains will say “Who?” when he introduces himself. But I’ll tell you this, Marvel, your greatest bet has been your best. These five are going places, they’ll have cartoons, TeeFurys, lunchboxes and much more. The Guardians of The Galaxy are here to stay.

This was the first time this year that, after watching the movie, I knew I had to go back as soon as possible for a second viewing, I want to experience that again. If fun and happiness are something pleasant to you, then go see “Guardians of The Galaxy”.

PS: If you have Spotify, search for Awesome Mix Vol. 1 and have fun!