Hillary Clinton Joins Miitomo in an Attempt to Connect with Millennials

Posted April 1, 2016 by Eric Gerson in Video Games

Former Secretary of State and current candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination Hillary Clinton is currently in a heated race with her opponent, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. While Clinton currently holds a lead over Sanders, Sanders swept the most recent primaries, and as a result, has the Clinton campaign feeling a bit nervous. Sanders enjoys particularly strong support from the millennial demographic, an age group Clinton has struggled to connect with, as they view her to be just another Washington insider.

Today, in a bid to win back the trust of younger voters, Clinton announced that she has joined Miitomo, Nintendo’s Mii-based social networking app that launched yesterday in the US. As Nintendo of America tweeted this morning, Miitomo has already garnered more than three million worldwide downloads.

Miitomo Twitter

As described by IGN writer Joe Skrebels, “Miitomo is a Mii-based social network that asks questions of users on a range of subjects, and relays the information between networks of friends.” It allows you to earn clothing to dress up your Mii, take funny pictures by putting your Mii in hilarious poses, visit friend’s Miis to find out more about them, and play mini-games to unlock more customization options. And judging by the Miitomo launch trailer, the app is very much targeted towards millennials:

Clinton’s campaign team must have caught wind of the app’s success and its target demographic, as she announced this morning that she has joined the service:

“I have always been a huge Nintendo fan. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Wii Music, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are just a few of my favorites. So obviously I would jump on the opportunity to hang ten with like-minded Nintendo fans on this gnarly social network. Also, ‘Mii’ is one of my favorite words!”

Shortly after joining, Clinton tweeted out a picture of her Mii:

Miitomo creator -- hillary

Clinton’s Mii has been spotted by fans sporting trendy outfits like cat-scarves and pancake hats. However, Clinton recently tweeted at Nintendo of America, requesting a broader selection of pantsuit options. Early friends of Clinton’s Mii reported that she had answered the app’s many questions with references to Zayn’s departure from One Direction and complaints about the recent Snapchat updates. This reporter, however, has been unable to see any of Clinton’s Mii’s answers, as it appears Clinton has deleted them from the Miitomo server.

When reached for comment on the matter, Senator Sanders responded by yelling loudly that the only app his Nokia cellphone can run is Snake, but he refuses to play it because he finds the snake to be greedy and selfish. Republican candidate Donald Trump, on the other hand, lauded the new app, noting that the large heads and small hands of the Miis make him feel right at home.

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