Hitman’s Third Elusive Target is Live

This mission will self-destruct in 72 hours.

IO-Interactive sent out an email blast early Wednesday morning revealing that the third Elusive Target is now live. Hitman players can head back to Sapienza in search of Father Adalrico Candelaria, AKA The Prince.

Given that this is an Elusive Target, not much is known beyond a brief backstory. This elderly religious figure seems innocent enough, but in the world of Hitman, nothing is ever that simple. Father Candelaria has ties to a Chilean military dictatorship and God-knows-what-else.

Just like last month’s Congressman, The Prince is a one-chance target. The Elusive Targets don’t allow saves, restarts, or failure of any sort. You have to plan according to the brief information, hope for the best, and improvise if needed to complete the hit.

The Prince will disappear forever early Saturday morning.