How Close Were My E3 Predictions?

In honor of E3, I decided a while back to make a list of predictions for each press conference. The purpose of this exercise was mostly for my own entertainment, but there was a larger goal in mind. If I predicted a game’s announcement, it would happen.

Stick with me because the explanation is random as hell.

Have you seen Maverick? No? Well, you should be ashamed. That movie is a classic. Anywho…so Bret Maverick—played by Mel Gibson—is a lovable card shark out to win a massive poker tournament in the Old West. During his quest to reach the tournament in time, Maverick explains his belief that he could make a specific card appear simply by touching the deck and wishing really hard. This trick doesn’t work during the early portions of the film, but wouldn’t you know that Maverick makes an Ace of Spades appear during the final act? Pretty cool stuff.

Well, I figured that if this trick worked for Mel Gibson, why wouldn’t it work for me? I mean, I’m a much nicer person, and I have never belittled women or other ethnic groups. It totally makes sense that I would make cool video games appear by predicting their existence.

With that in mind, take a journey with me and see how my predictions turned out.

Please, no flash photography.

Prediction #1 – Dishonored 2 Will Be Announced With a New Protagonist

I wasn’t exactly correct with my prediction that Dishonored 2 would feature a little known protagonist, but I was still pretty close. I nailed the prediction that the game would have a new main character and would be set in a new location. Plus, I could still be correct about the Outsider’s involvement in Dishonored 2. The Outsider was the voice narrating part of the E3 demo.


I call this prediction a winner.

Points Awarded – 1

Prediction #2 – Mafia III Will Be Announced By Microsoft

Man, I wasn’t even close with this prediction. Microsoft stuck to their big guns during Monday’s press conference, and the big surprise was Gears of War 4. Actually, much of Microsoft’s time was dedicated to indie games like Cuphead, which looks pretty awesome. Sadly, I will have to suffer through another year without any news on Mafia III. Dang.

I call this prediction a failure.

Points Awarded – 0

Prediction #3 – EA Visceral Will Announce a Han Solo-Focused Star Wars Game

For those keeping score, I am now 0-2 on my EA Visceral predictions. I predicted that this Han Solo game would surface during Gamescom, and then I doubled down with this E3 prediction. I couldn’t have been more wrong because the only Star Wars products were Battlefront, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Sadly, Amy Hennig and her upcoming game were nowhere to be found. Looks like I will have to predict that this Han Solo game will show up during this year’s Gamescom.


I call this prediction a failure.

Points Awarded: 0

Prediction #4 – Ubisoft Will Announce a New Driver, set in Miami

Is it too much to ask for a new Driver game? Apparently, Ubisoft feels the need to actually finish and ship The Division before making me happy with the announcement of Tanner’s return. I may have been completely off with this prediction, but think about how cool it could have been! Oh well, I can’t complain about my prediction being incorrect when Ubisoft is announcing South Park: The Fractured But Whole and Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

I call this prediction a failure.

Points Awarded – 0

Prediction #5 – Sony Bend Will Announce a Syphon Filter Reboot

Well, I certainly was incorrect about this prediction. I honestly thought that we would finally see what Sony Bend has been cranking on after all this time, but that was simply not to be. There was no mention of Sony Bend that I could see, nor was there a glimpse of Syphon Filter. To be fair, Guerilla’s new IP looks pretty rad, but it’s not a new game from Sony Bend. What in the devil is this developer working on? BRB, I’m going to go for a little drive with my night vision goggles, lock pick set, and a grappling hook.


Me breaking into Sony Bend.

I’ll call this prediction a major failure.

Points Awarded – 0

Prediction #6 – Nintendo Will Announce a New Mario RPG

Boy, oh boy, did I nail this prediction. Not only did Nintendo announce a new Mario RPG, but they even made the announcement cooler by showing that Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam would include characters from both Paper Mario and Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story. Technically, Yoshi hasn’t made an appearance, so I could be wrong about that portion of the prediction, but he could still show up at some point. Even if Yoshi is nowhere to be seen, I’m still pretty excited about a new Mario RPG. Those games are awesome.

I call this prediction a winner.

Points Awarded – 1

Prediction #7 – Square Enix Will Officially Show the Next Hitman Game

I honestly don’t know how to score this prediction. Yes, I was correct that Square Enix finally unveiled the new Hitman, but this reveal came during Sony’s press conference. Of course, Square Enix did show a different trailer during the Tuesday presser, and this trailer explained how the new Hitman would play. In fact, Sony’s conference only showed that Hitman exists, while Square Enix’s conference actually revealed information.


You know what? I’ll call this prediction a winner.

Points Awarded – 1


Final Score: 3 points awarded out of 7 total.