ICYMI: Week of 4 August 2014

We have lots of great content on WTN every week, because we have so many great writers with so much to share, we’ve decided to share some things with you each week In Case You Missed It. The editors of the site have selected various pieces that you may have missed over the course of the week to share in one big post, every Saturday!  Enjoy!

John Malkovich in "Crossbones" on NBC.

First up, we have a few articles selected by editor Samantha Liggett.

Crossbones Season Finale Review – Now that Crossbones has finished its first season, take a look at John’s review series to decide for yourself if it’s worth binge watching this winter.

Comic Con’s Con-sent Problem Needs Discussed – Take a look at Kierra’s empassioned argument that *gasp* women are just as worthy of respect as men, even in costume.

Interview with Randall Lobb of Turtle Power – Ryan takes a time-out to talk to one of the creators of Turtle Power, a documentary releasing on August 12th. If you’re a TMNT fan, you shouldn’t miss out on this one.

The Games we Play: Pathfinder Session 6, Part 1 Pathfinder enthusiasts can jump straight in to the really fun part of a game, and hear a group get into some interesting shenanigans. If you are new to pen-and-paper tabletops like Pathfinder, have a listen and see what it’s really like to play.



Next, a couple articles from Oscar Russel, our Comics Editor.

Rocket Racoon #2 – Just in time for the new Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, fan favourite Rocket Racoon #2 by Skottie Young was available for purchase. The comic was all sorts of fun, and Randy had the chance to review it.

Death Sentence Vol 1 Review – Jonathan had a blast with the characters and interesting premise of this first volume by Montynero. Read his review to learn why you should pick it up.



Next, we have Movies from Henry Varona.

No One Asked But: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Michael Bay Problem – Matt shares his opinions on Michael Bay and his new movie. Take a look and let us know what you think in the comments.


We The Gamercast New Logo

Finally, we have Video Games from Drew Freeman.

We The Gamercast Episode 18: Where Do Video Games Fit In Film? Robby, host of WTG, discusses Video Games in film with Drew and Guilherme. Listen here or subscribe on iTunes to hear more!

PS Now Pricing: A Mixed Bag – Theo shares his thoughts on PS Now, Sony’s new video game streaming service, which is currently in Open Beta. Let us know what you’d like to see from this service.


Well, that’s a wrap!  Hope you have enjoyed our recap of some of the gems of this week! Leave some comments below sharing how you feel about this new segment! See you next weekend!