JJ Watt and Ndamukong Suh Lead the Defense in Madden 15 Rankings

EA Sports finished the offensive rankings last week and started the week fresh with defensive line rankings. The list is broken into defensive ends and defensive tackles based on their main purposes.

The ends are ranked by their ability to chase the quarterback and cause havoc during passing plays. Leading this list is JJ Watt, the defensive end from the Houston Texans. Watt leads the list with a 99 overall rating, which he earned during his first few years in the league by harassing opposing quarterbacks. The rest of the top defensive endsĀ are listed below.

1) JJ Watt (Houston Texans) – 99 Overall

2) Robert Quinn (St. Louis Rams) – 97 Overall

3) Cameron Wake (Miami Dolphins) – 96 Overall

4) Calais Campbell (Arizona Cardinals) – 96 Overall

5) Cameron Jordan (New Orleans Saints) – 93 Overall

6) Muhammad Wilkerson (New York Jets) – 93 Overall

Defensive tackles are known for stopping the run first while also also chasing the quarterback. Ndamukong Suh leads the list of defensive tackles with a 97 overall rating. Suh is known for many splash plays on the field and almost as many dirty plays. However, his production can’t be denied. The rest of the top defensive tackles are listed below.

1) Ndamukong Suh (Detroit Lions) – 97 Overall

2) Geno Atkins (Cincinnati Bengals) – 96 Overall

3) Gerald McCoy (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – 95 Overall

4) Kyle Williams (Buffalo Bills) – 95 Overall

5) Jurrell Casey (Tennessee Titans) – 93 Overall

So there are the top defensive linemen in the NFL. How do you feel about Suh being the top defensive lineman?

Madden 15 releases August 26.