Joyride #12 Review

Written by: Jackson Lanzing and Collin Kelly

Art by: Marcus To and Irma Knivilla

Published by: Boom Studios

The epic adventure of friendship, family, and fighting for what is right comes to an end!

We have had an adventure here for 12 issues that never wavered. It was a well-constructed from the very beginning, and the story always knew how it was going to end. There was never a moment where it felt forced or contained filler. Every chapter in this 12-issue saga served a purpose, each one of them giving us a sense of how full and diverse the universe Jackson, Collin, and Marcus was.

This particular issue returns to where it all started: Earth. The book comes full circle, and now Earth is seen as a final frontier that needs to be conquered. The resolution to that conflict does come a bit quick, but it made sense within the story as a whole. And the main conflict does get resolved on the book’s terms. Lanzing’s and Collin’s writing never wavers, and they give us closure–if this is truly the end to this series.

The wonder Marcus brings is on full display. This is a very action-packed issue, from dog fights to the happenings on the ground itself, and he manages both expertly. His art is very dynamic and focused, and the fact that he really loves these characters shines through.

The canvas that Marcus gets to work on is also rather large. He conveys a lot of emotions as the chaos is happening around our characters. He also sends these characters off as well as anyone could.

Joyride was a book for anyone that likes space operas, road trip stories, stories about conflict, and stories about humanity. It’s a story about that, even though we are a different and have different ideas, the core of what makes us human is the same. It’s an important message.

As a series, it ended perfectly, and the characters will be missed.