Justified: The Sounding – Review

Hectic events are starting to take place as Justified steadily continues along. These events include a returning host of characters, and some amazing new moments. Impressively, all of these new episodes fit together nicely without seeming too forced. “Sounding” is the newest episode, and it brings back one of Justified’s best characters while still following some interesting new developments.

“Sounding” mainly follows two different stories, one of which is Ty Walker and Avery Markham’s continuing pursuit of land around Harlan County. While Walker and Markham are trying to track down this land, Boyd and his crew are trying to keep the homeowners from selling their property until they can rob Markham’s bank. This plan works well for Boyd, but it also angers Markham to no end. So, Markham sends his crew of misfits to rough up the residents of Harlan County. Plus, this mission brings Choo Choo and his train-like fists to the forefront.

While Markham’s goons were attempting to get some new land in their possession, Raylan was dealing with a crisis. After a meeting with Katherine, Ava decides to flee Harlan without telling anyone. Of course, this sends Raylan into a tizzy, and he sets out on a desperate mission to track Ava down before the other marshals find out. In order to achieve this goal, Raylan enlists the help of Constable Bob (played by Patton Oswalt). Using Bob as his Seeing Eye dog, Raylan discovers that Ava has gone to Ellstin Limehouse for help getting out of town. Obviously, Limehouse isn’t a sweetheart, so he tries to convince Ava to get him a lot of money in return for a new car and some papers. This leads Ava on a trip into town with Limehouse’s right hand man, where they meet up with Constable Bob.

Constable Bob has some swagger.

Constable Bob has some swagger.

“Sounding” was a phenomenal episode of Justified. The two main storylines were very entertaining, and the side story involving Wynn Duffy and a former prison guard was even better. Justified is making a habit of including great storylines with fantastic character moments. More importantly, each of these stories features a beloved character or villain interacting with a random, new character. For example, Boyd spent the entire episode trying to convince an “old friend” to help him break into a shut down mine. Boyd is a fan favorite, and this friend was a crazy, new character that worked really well with the storyline.

However, the best returning characters were obviously Ellstin Limehouse and Constable Bob. Limehouse has been featured in multiple seasons of Justified, and his random quotes and business dealings are always entertaining. Constable Bob, on the other hand, only showed up for part of one season, but his story arc was an absolute blast. Thankfully, his return to Justified was just as great as his older moments. Patton Oswalt plays Bob in the perfect way, combining redneck traits with a pinch of Oswalt’s nerdiness. You would be hard pressed to find another show in which a short, redneck police officer states “I have a badge and balls like Death Stars!”


Well, that’s inapropriate.


“Sounding” was another great episode in the stellar final season of Justified. The constant mixture of old and new characters kept the episode feeling fresh, which has been the standard during this final season. Even the former prison guard was entertaining during “Sounding”, something I thought was impossible.

Man, Justified is awesome, and this season is the best yet.