Kamandi Challenge #4 Review

Written by: James Tynion IV

Art by: Carlos D’Anda

Published by: DC Comics

Kamandi Challenge has truly become a monthly Saturday morning cartoon. It’s not meant to be cerebral or exploration of the humankind. Which is fine. What it is is consistently and extremely fun.

 # 4 adds a bit more depth to the Kamandi Challenge universe, including slavery and theology, but thankfully James Tynion does not beat us across the head with it.

What Tynion does do here is keep the Challenge crisp and fast paced, with a set up for a new chapter. The Book does falter in a sense that it never really slows down to explore Kamandi’s world fully, and there is quite a bit of potential left on the cutting room floor. What this particular issue did do well though is give us a final plot twist for the next creative team that doesn’t feel as forced as the others. That was a very pleasant surprise.

This issue is drawn by the amazing Carlos D’Anda, whose attention to detail is hard to beat. D’Anda worked on books such as Action Comics, Wildstorm, Wildcats, Justice League and many others. He brings his unique look and makes sure that the world of Kamandi truly feels lived in. He also manages to make us care for these characters through his art, and he manages to bring Tynion’s script to fruition without losing any meaning.

There are couple of panels here especially (spoiler alert if you didn’t read issue 3) when they are confronting a Jaguar God. In those panels, D’Anda’s detail is at full display, and makes me wish he was doing more than just this one issue.

Kamandi Challenge is a true celebration of Kirby’s creation. It manages to maintain the same whimsy that Kirby created this character with while not taking itself too seriously, hense the Saturday morning cartoon vibe.

Overall, this issue is not going to sway readers either way, so if you were not reading this book, you most likely won’t start now, but for those who are picking this up, it is a crazy fun time.