Life With Archie #36 Review

Posted July 15, 2014 by Adrienne Crean in Comic Books

Writer: Paul Kupperberg

Pencil: Pat and Tim Kennedy

Publisher: Archie Comics

Growing up, one of my fondest memories is of my dad returning home from his self owned comic book store. In hand would be the newest Archie comics, that I read as often as any young child would dare to without looking “uncool”. Although to put it bluntly, I was never “cool”. So picking up this issue of Life with Archie gave me loads of emotion that I never thought existed.

This final issue begins with an extremely detailed time line of the known two universes in Archie’s life. One known as AMV (Archie marries Veronica) and the other, AMB (Archie marries Betty). Kupperberg does readers the extreme favor of giving every major story line that has happened through the years, because let’s be honest, there are tons of readers (like me) who haven’t picked up Archie comics in ages.

We then move on to Archie jogging through the quaint town of Riverdale and reminiscing through some of his favorite childhood memories. Of course we see Jughead, with his awesome, goofy crown a top his head and glimpse others along with young Betty and Veronica. Kupperberg does us the favor of showing us Archie’s moments in which changed his life into the man everyone knows and loves, including his wife.

Kudos need to be given  to Kupperberg for his excellent vagueness in keeping Archie’s wife to the imagination. I know for a fact that the two Archie universes have a very divided fan base when it comes to Veronica and Betty (Team Betty!) However, the world knows that this particular issue contains a deeper point. The death of Archie.

Regular readers are aware that there had been a shooting in Riverdale against homosexuals, and to support the families of the ones lost in that shooting, a fundraiser was to take place. Kevin, the Senator to Riverdale, and a openly gay character feels it’s his morale obligation to attend. Bringing in a nice political view on the sore topic at hand. This fundraiser set up the time and place for our beloved Archie to leave the comic world. How and exactly why? Readers will have to find out for themselves in this peaceful yet saddening finale.

RIP Archie Andrews

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