Madden 18’s Top Five Tight Ends

Football season is almost here. Training Camps are in full swing, and the first preseason game has taken place. Sure, watching backups of the Arizona Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys struggle to score points isn’t the most exciting thing on TV, but at least it signifies that real football is only a month away. Just as importantly, this Hall of Fame game also reminded me that there were more top five rankings available for Madden 18. This time, it’s the tight end group.

Obviously, the first name on the tight end list is a no-brainer, but EA actually made some surprising choices for the other players. All are talented and deserving of a spot in the top five. It’s just surprising to see a Titans player on the list.

Let’s dive in!


  • Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots (98 Overall)
  • Travis Kelce – Kansas City Chiefs (94 Overall)
  • Jimmy Graham – Seattle Seahawks (93 Overall)
  • Delanie Walker – Tennessee Titans (93 Overall)
  • Greg Olsen – Carolina Panthers (92 Overall)


Gronk may be more known to the common man for his partying and strange appearance at the White House, but he truly is one of the most dangerous weapons in the NFL. Injuries have caused Gronk to miss 24 regular season games in his seven-year career, and yet he still has more than 6,000 receiving yards and 68 touchdowns. He’s also quite the beast during those online matches of Madden. Gronk catches everything thrown his way, even if it’s against the laws of physics. Travis Kelce has improved every season in his four-year career, topping 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in 2016. He is the most reliable offensive weapon in Kansas City. His Madden counterpart has reflected this improvement while becoming more of a speedy athlete. Seam passes work extremely well with Kelce.

Jimmy Graham came to Seattle as part of a surprising trade after five very productive seasons in New Orleans. As a member of the Saints, Graham caught 51 touchdowns and remained one of Drew Brees’ favorite targets. His first season in Seattle, however, was shortened by injury, but the second was highlighted by one-handed receptions and big plays. And yes, EA is fond of making those one-handed catches just as fun in the game.

Despite being ranked in the top five, Delanie Walker and Greg Olsen are still more under-the-radar players based on their previous playing situations. Walker was underwhelming and rarely used for seven years in San Francisco, never catching more than three touchdowns in a season. In four seasons with Tennessee, however, Walker has caught 23 of his 31 career touchdowns and topped 800 receiving yards three times. Similarly, Olsen averaged 495.25 yards-per-season during his four-year stint with the Bears while playing next to some questionable quarterbacks. In six seasons with Carolina, Olsen has raised that average to 897.33 yards-per-season. He is Cam Newton’s favorite weapon, especially in the red zone.

Interestingly enough, Walker has been more difficult to use in years past. Part of the issue could be based on the multiple injuries to quarterback Marcus Mariota. Maybe EA just hates the Titans (that’s probably not the reason). Either way, I’m quite excited to see the big fella rumbling down the field while my opponents scream expletives.

Olsen, on the other hand, has always been a blast to use in Madden. He has the speed to take quick screens and burn slower players and the size to fight for the deep throws. Sadly, Olsen is nearing the later stages of his career and will eventually begin slowing down, but he should still be in tip top shape for this year’s game.

The ratings are continuing to drop nearly every day leading up to Madden 18’s release date. Who will be the highest ranked cornerback and safety?