Marvel Gets Ominous In Newest Teaser That Promises “Everything Ends” Come Spring Of 2015

Marvel has unveiled another teaser image today, this one, however, breaks from the mold of revamping previous events in order to provide a simple white image with only the foreboding statement that “Everything Ends” fading into the background. Interestingly, while this teaser comes after the many that have all been for summer of next year, this image is for spring 2015. Does this mean that this promise of some kind of ending will, in fact, lead into the mixture of events that have already been teased? This does seem to jive with the theory floating around that these teasers are for some kind of multiverse and time spanning event. The specific reference to endings would seem to indicate, in addition, that something that Marvel is currently doing now would be finished with this event. Could Marvel be planning a universe wide reboot of some sort?