Marvel Releases the First Trailer for Ant-Man

In honor of Agent Carter’s season premiere, Marvel has given us the first official trailer for Ant-Man.

The upcoming film, starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, is centered around a scientist named Hank Pym (Douglas) and a con man named Scott Lang (Rudd). In order to save the world for future generations, Lang has to team up with Pym and don the Ant-Man outfit.

In true Marvel fashion, the Ant-Man trailer made quick jumps between different versions of Rudd while Douglas gave a speech about saving the world for future generations. However, the trailer did show glimpses of some main characters, such as Yellowjacket, who may be a hero or villain depending on the timeline.

Thankfully, Ant-Man’s trailer did show some brief action, as well as some great footage of Ant-Man’s outfit. Most importantly, the trailer showed Ant-Man riding a wasp into battle.

Ant-Man’s trailer did little to explain the style of the upcoming movie, which is concerning when you consider the director switch midway through production. The trailer made the movie appear very serious, but the screenplay was written by Adam McKay (The Other Guys, Anchorman) and Paul Rudd. Will Ant-Man include some of the humor that has permeated recent Marvel films?

Ant-Man will be released in July 2015.