Megacon: Love is Love Event Experience!

The Megacon: Love is Love event was probably one of the best organized events at a convention I have been to. The fans and creators all wanted to be there. There were even some tears as the vigil that served as the Megacon exclusive cover by Cat Staggs was displayed.

There was art from Love is Love on display as well as heartfelt interactions with the creators and members of the Equality Florida leadership. The speech was short but genuine, and it really shined a spotlight in what the LGBTQ community has to endure day in and day out.

They introduced the creator of the book, Marc Andreyko who took time to speak to the attendees and answer their questions. One of the coolest things I found out about Love is Love is just how quick the turnaround was to get all of the creators behind the book. It took about about six months between proposal and print. That is impressive.

The Gala on Friday was followed by the charity event on Saturday that featured more art from Love is Love, such as: George Perez, Matthew Clark, Mitch Gerards, and many others, but what was amazing is the donations that the auction received. A few of the fantastic contributors were Walter Simonson, Bernard Chang, Adam Hughes, and others. There was over 60 pieces on auction, which was able to raise thousands of dollars for Equality Florida.

Thank you to Megacon for bringing this event to life but also bringing a light to the LGBTQ community, especially in these hard times. It is very refreshing that a comic book convention can not only focus on super heroes, but real life heroes as well.

To those who are wondering, Equality Florida is the biggest LGBTQ charity in Florida. They have, to this day, helped over a million Floridians in matters such as discrimination, adoption, and getting good schooling regardless of sexual orientation. The organization has been around for 20 years and has never wavered in doing fantastic work across the state!

Again, thank you Megacon! Now enjoy some of the pictures from the event itself!