Miami’s Punter Leads the List of Specialists in Madden 15

Get Excited! The top 5 specialists in Madden 15 have been ranked.

Specialists are listed as the punters and kickers that make special teams function in the NFL. Most analysts didn’t care about punters and kickers until NFL Network’s own Rich Eisen started his “Punters are People Too” campaign. Now, specialists are a major part of NFL coverage, including the draft.

Brandon Fields of the Miami Dolphins leads the list of top 5 specialists with a 96 overall rating. The rest of the top 5 specialists are listed below.

1) Brandon Fields (Miami Dolphins) – 96 Overall

2) Matt Prater (Denver Broncos) – 95 Overall

3) Andy Lee (San Francisco 49ers) – 95 Overall

4) Robbie Gould (Chicago Bears) – 93 Overall

5) Justin Tucker (Baltimore Ravens) – 93 Overall

This list seems to be fairly sporadic with the alternating punters and kickers. Choosing the leaders in ratings between punters and kickers is more difficult based on their completely different jobs.

One other interesting aspect of the list is the absence of Blair Walsh from the Minnesota Vikings. Walsh may not have the long career like Matt Prater or Robbie Gould, but he has  much higher completion percentage at 89.7. Prater and Gould have career ratings of 81.6 and 86 respectively. In addition, Walsh holds the record for most 50+ yard field goals in a season with a perfect 10/10.

I do think having Justin Tucker on the list is a fantastic choice, based mostly on his personality. You’d be hard-pressed to find another kicker who has made a game winning 61-yard field goal and immediately grabbed his junk in celebration. Afterward, he spent an entire interview talking about fantasy football.

So, did your favorite specialist make the list? Do kickers and punters get you fired up?

Madden 15 will be released August 26.