Ms. Marvel #8 Review

Written by: G. Willow Wilson

Art by: Adrian Alphona

Publisher: Marvel

New arc. New character. Same old villain. G. Willow Wilson writes up a storm bring us the next chapter in Kamala Khan’s journey to superhero, and Adrian Alphona makes a most triumphant return in Ms. Marvel #8.

Kamala has made it through her origin story, had her first real encounter with the heroes of the wider Marvel Universe, and is now in the thick of things. It’s really great to be at this point because it really shows what Wilson can do with the character. She IS a superhero now, but Wilson never forgets to make her a teenager. Even with the sleuthing, and the robot punches while she fights the good fight, at the end of the day this issue is about a young girl getting a big lovable dog. I think that’s something many writers forget when writing young characters. Their world is so filled with having to save the world that that aspect is lost. Luckily that just hasn’t happened for as long as this series has been going.

It’s great to have Alphona back on art duties. His art works very well with the comedic tone of the book. There is a beat where Kamala has to headbutt her adversary, and the sequence of panels that illustrate this is something I think only Alphona could have handled. Lockjaw is going to be a mainstay on this book for the foreseeable future and it’s important that you get a clear sense of what is going on in that big teleporting head of his. Alphona’s art is very expressive and even though Lockjaw can’t say much more than “ruff,” you get an absolute clear message from Lockjaw. I think the only problem does come from Lockjaw, even with Kamala’s ability to grow and shrink, there is a wild inconsistency with the size at which Lockjaw is drawn. He’s a larger than life character, literally and figuratively, but at times Kamala towers over him when he cannot have been using her powers.

Ms. Marvel #8 is a funny tale of a girl and her dog and the start of another great story.