My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #36 Review

Written by: Jeremy Whitley

Art by: Andy Price

Publisher: IDW

So I never thought one of my hobbies would be reading and reviewing My Little Pony comics, but we’re on Issue 36 and I feel like I’ve gone through a lot of them now. Life is strange. Oh well; at least this little arc is good!

Part three of four begins where part two left off. Twilight and her friends are locked up, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna have been turned into stone statues (now they know what it feels like to be Discord), and Sombra is ready to free his people. Life is looking quite grim.

The first half of Issue 36 feels like a stereotypical bridge issue of sorts, the cliché talking that’s required to get to the next big action sequence. Chrysalis and Sombra have a bit of an argument because that’s what villains do, and Twilight is openly mocked by pretty much everyone for failing to save Equestria. That also is what villains do.

I’d be inclined to find it all boring if it weren’t for the fact that Chrysalis is such an awesome character and plays her part really well. She’s got just enough anger, sass, and cunning to make what is honestly a bit of a boring segment tolerable.

Once that’s all out of the way though, the latter half of the comic is Radiant Hope and Princess Cadence journeying into the realm of the Umbrum. It’s really all quite fun, and Andy Price’s artwork shines in the dark, shadowy prison. It looks great, and there’s this mix of adorable and creepy draped over everything.

My problems with the issue all fall on Twilight Sparkle, whose rage comes off as a little annoying. Yeah I get that she’s mad about what’s going on, she has every right to be, but calling Sombra a coward over and over doesn’t make all that much sense. I don’t recall him doing anything cowardly, but it’s also been a month since I read the last issue. Though if I’ve forgotten, I kinda feel like that’s on the comic book and not me .

The two issues before this one were good, though when all is said and done, this one is only okay. I liked some big parts of it, Chrysalis and the Umbrum prison especially, but there’s just something about it that didn’t grip me like the other two.

The good news is there’s one more to go, and given the cliffhanger ending to this one, we’re in for an explosive treat.