My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Friends Forever #10 Review

Written by: Christina Rice

Art by: Agnes Garbowski

Publisher: IDW

I never thought the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic franchise could cause such apathy in me. Enjoyment? Sure. Hatred? Equestria Girls still exists by my knowledge. But apathy? Yet here I am, attempting a review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Friends Forever #10, and all I want to do is go to bed early (and never have to type out that very long title ever again).

The MLP:FiMFF (oh God…) subseries is made up of one-shots that take a pair of characters and spend 25 odd pages with them. In Issue 10, the writers have picked Fluttershy and Iron Will, the former being my least favorite pony and the latter being a rather mundane character from Season 2. “Putting Your Hoof Down” is fairly predictable and one of the weaker episodes of Season 2, and it seems Iron Will hasn’t improved as a character now that he’s in a comic book.

Iron Will, master of self help and being assertive, has gone too far at home and now needs Fluttershy to help him “find his inner pony.” His will might be iron, but his wife is an anvil and hammer, it seems.

What comes next is so utterly predictable and inane that you should be able to guess how the comic ends and every beat along the way. I’m actually not even going to write any of it out. Think about the most obvious course of action this story could take, and you have it.

The art is serviceable and cute at times, but it’s from the team that cannot seem to draw Rarity right. Why must the most fabulous of Ponyville’s citizens look so imperfect? Irony is cruel.

The only real upside to the comic is Rainbowdash, who at least understands how silly the whole premise is. She spends plenty of time laughing, and I’ll admit to laughing along with her.

MLP:FiMFF #10 is offensively boring, and I’m really disappointed given some of the quality ideas and writing of previous comics in the MLP:FiM lineup.