My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #2 Review

Written By: Ted Anderson

Art By: Andy Price & Heather Breckel

Published By: IDW

In my review for My Little Pony: The Movie Prequel #1, I was a little unsure of the whole thing, most notably the concept itself and the Storm King. A prequel before the main event? How strange. A villain that doesn’t seem that villainous? Eh. That’s pretty MLP:FiM for you.

However, with #2 here, I’m actually on board. This was fun!

This issue opens up before the big heist of the first issue and acts as a foil to it. While the Storm King is a ruthless leader who doesn’t need friends or family, Captain Celaeno is less a kind leader and more the head of a family. She treats her crew with respect; she cares for them. Honestly, she’s a bit of a worry wart. That’s a strange thing coming from a pirate and a thief (and there are moments where it doesn’t fit), but I appreciate her approach for the most part. It’s not like MLP:FiM can go the rape and murder route. Better this than a watered-down bad guy with no teeth.

Plus, I always want to know how a nice person ends up being a criminal. Captain Celaeno looks like she holds an interesting backstory to her. I hope we learn more.

The Storm King is also revisited in a better light, and by better I mean worse. He’s back to feeling threatening, which is pretty important since he’s supposed to be a villain. I like him here, even if the kid’s-book framework stays his hand on what I’d consider acceptable levels of violence given the situation.

I also want to praise Andy Price and Heather Breckel for a ton of great artwork. There’s more play with the panel layouts than in a normal MLP:FiM book. Characters are framed in such a way where most of them are off panel so we only see the important bits, and it works pretty well in establishing who these people are through body language. It allows the writing to tell the story while the artwork tells us about the characters.

In short: It’s good comic-book storytelling.

MLP: TMP is starting to get its sea legs (yes pun intended), and it’s getting me excited for new world building and characters. I’m still a bit worried about the movie itself, but the comic books? Smooth sailing ahead! (I’ll stop now.)