New Suicide Squad #17 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Juan Ferreyra

Publisher: DC

I will admit, before I actually dive into to talking about this issue, that I haven’t read any of New Suicide Squad since the debut issue. That wasn’t super impressive, but I’ve always found the Suicide Squad to be interesting, if only on a conceptual level. So when I was told Tim Seeley would be taking over the book with issue #17 (this one), I was already convinced that it would be worth giving a shot.

And then I saw who the artist was.

Juan Ferreyra has to be one of the best artists in the business right now – his work on Colder had been nothing short of mindblowing. So finding out he would be drawing New Suicide Squad left me super excited.

I’m happy to report that, for the most part New Suicide Squad #17 lives up to my excitement. Ferreyra’s art is as expressive as always, and there are multiple panels here that are super captivating. He absolutely nails the members of the Suicide Squad, and does good work actually characterizing them through his art. Considering I haven’t been reading the book, small things like facial expressions and body language are enough to telegraph important information about characters’ personalities that I may have missed.

Importantly, his art also establishes the book’s setting, which transitions from the rather drab interior of Belle Reve to the streets of Hong Kong. The two are almost exact opposites, and both are equally well realized. Ferreyra really showcases his range here, bringing both settings to life. Well, as much life as Belle Reve will allow, at any rate. Anyways, that’s not really the point is. The point I’m making is that the art is gorgeous, and a key component of how the story is told.

As for the actual writing, well, that’s also quite good. There are a few lines here and there that feel odd – attempts to add levity that kind of fall flat, for the most part. None of them are super off putting, or at least not off putting enough to really interrupt the flow of the book. On the whole, I think the dialogue is pretty effective. There’s a good bit of it, and the bulk isn’t devoted to the actual Suicide Squad.

What lines they do get are definitely enough, though. There’s not really much need for them to be talking throughout the issue, the one exception being Harley Quinn. Anyways, the sparing use of dialogue ends up being put to excellent use for the most part. The majority of the dialogue is between Amanda Waller and Ashemore, a character I don’t think I’ve seen before. Anyways, their dialogue is largely used as set up for the future of the run, but regardless, it ends up being engaging.

I think that it’s safe to say that I’ll be back for the next issue. The writing and art are both excellent, and the set up for future issues makes me want to stick around. Plus, there’s a pretty insane cliffhanger that I definitely want to see the resolution to. Sure, it feels a bit cheap, but who knows?