Nightwing #18 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley

Art by: Javier Fernandez

Publisher: DC Comics

Connections between New 52 and Rebirth runs of Nightwing become even deeper!

Tim Seeley continues his stellar work on Dick Grayson that he has started in “Grayson”. This issue deals with how far Nightwing is going to go to protect the ones that he loves. It is very clearly evident that you don’t want to cross him when it comes to his family and friends. This book continues where the other issue ended with a foe from Dick’s and Damian’s past comes out of the shadows.

There is another very interesting subplot with Deathwing and the fake Robin, which worked well for the most part, even though at moments it did feel somewhat melodramatic and predictable. That being said it’s always nice to see that both Batman Rogues and now Nightwing Rogues are not one dimensional characters. It is what makes them interesting, and ultimately what makes this book as compelling since Rebirth has started. Seeley really has a good grasp on Nightwing as well as his relationship with Damian which takes a spotlight yet again.

Javier Fernandez’ art is beautifully dirty here as you can see the grime and filth of the Pyg’s hideout. There are some interesting character designs on some of the Pyg’s creations as well. They are meant to be faceless, but even without characteristics on their faces they do have different quality characteristics.

Fernandez as well handles some of the more dramatic elements of the book with flair which does bring weight to impending consequences.

Nightwing has been a book that found its footing in the Batman lore as some thought there was already enough of Batman books already. What makes this book work mostly is the fact that there is a huge difference between Dick and Bruce. It is that difference that is on display in these books and it is why it is as fun to read as it is. Dick is more impulsive than Bruce. It is that impulse that makes him think on his feet and in some situations make him better than Batman.

Overall this a different kind of Bat Family book. It’s grimey and dirty and about Dick’s self discovery and where he belongs . It is the Dick’s relationships that make him a more interesting character that most as he is still coming into his own even though he has been doing this for a while. It is a fun book even though not for everyone.