Phil Spencer Named Head of Xbox

So remember when Stephen Elop was named head of the Xbox division at Microsoft? And remember how everyone was worried, and rightfully so? Well, your worries seem to have been put to rest. Riding on the back of the news that Hitman Abolsution will be the first free game after Phil Spencer began sitting down with the Games With Gold Team, it was announced today that Spencer will become the head of the Xbox Division at Microsoft.

Spencer, as he puts it, will “be leading  the Xbox, Xbox Live, and creative teams including Xbox Music, Xbox Video and Microsoft Studios,” So basically, he’s in charge of everything Xbox for the time being. He says that he is “actively listening and motivated to do what’s right for fans who’ve invested their time, hearts and money in the products we build.” Sure, this could all just be rhetoric, but it definitely sounds great. And it’s certainly a step above throwing the man who drove Nokia into the ground at the head of this division.

He went on to say that the team at Xbox’s “mission is to build a world-class team, work hard to meet the high expectations of a passionate fan base, create the best games and entertainment and drive technical innovation.” Again, it could be rhetoric. But at this point, it’s hard to care. Spencer has been active in listening to the community, and interacts with them on a regular basis. This, at least for the time being, is definitely a positive change for the Xbox brand.