PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2015

ProTip: Save time and use the PlayStation App to download September 2015’s PlayStation Plus free games. You can even do it while on the toilet if you want to be a cunning multitasker.

Grow Home | PS4


September is a momentous month for PlayStation Plus because, for the first time, we were invited to vote for a free game. Grow Home has the honor of being the first winner while the other two games, Armello and Zombie Vikings, will receive discounts.

Super Time Force Ultra | PS4, PS Vita

What a terrific game and who wouldn’t want to play as Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, to shoot heart emoticons or fire tweets, like “I LOVE PS4” or “#STFU” (which is clearly an acronym for Super Time Force Ultra).

The Ultra update also brings you the Ultra Force mode, an alternate style of timeforcing with extra-powerful, extra-asplosive versions of the Time Force team.

Super Time Ultra Force

Xeodrifter | PS4, PS Vita

Perhaps the dark horse of the lineup.

Twisted Metal | PS3

Back in JulyRocket League blew us all away and was launched as a free game with PlayStation Plus. Interestingly, Twisted Metal‘s Sweet Tooth was a playable character. In September, we now have a good excuse to fire up that PS3 again with Twisted Metal.

Teslagrad | PS4, PS3

According to PlayStation Blog, Teslagrad features beautiful platforming and smart puzzles.

La Mulana EX | PS Vita

Please tweet me if you’ve heard of this game.