Pokemon Weekly 5/6/2015

Welcome to Pokemon Weekly. Where I your host Stephanie will talk about One aspect of the Pokemon Universe a week.

This Week I take a look at Nuzlocke runs


A nuzlocke run is a play-through of the game, where if your Pokemon feint, they are dead and must either be placed in your box indefinitely, or released.  You also can only catch the first Pokemon you see per a route and no others. There is also a long list of optional rules to make it even harder. But those are the consistent main rules.


There are a few different benefits to doing a nuzlocke run. First it is basically a hard mode that you can make even harder through the alternate rules. So if you have reached the point that Pokemon games are to easy for you, this is a good way to spice up the difficulty Another benefit is it makes you end up getting far more attached to your Pokemon. Due to the risk that they could die at any moment you end up cherishing them much more, for every moment with them could be your last. And finally It forces you to use Pokemon you never use, or have considered useless. And in doing so forces you to find ways to get them to work. You may even discover a new favorite.


I myself am currently 6 badges into a Pokemon Y nuzlocke at the time of this writing. I have lost quite a few comrades. Bob the Froakie was the first casualty. The most recent was ZuZu the Vivilon. Who has been with my longer then anyone aside from Derek the Pidgeot. So it was truly a sad day.


Overall I think nuzlocke runs are an excellent way to experience the Pokemon games. Try it out, you may be surprised at how much you enjoy yourself.