Prometheus: Life and Death #4

Written by: Dan Abnett

Art by: Andrea Mutti and Rain Beredo

Publisher: Dark Horse

I came away from issue #3 of Prometheus: Life and Death very excited, and it turns out that was for good reason. Issue #4 is absolutely amazing! This is what narrative climaxes of are made of. This is what I want from these properties.

Our big cast of characters are now facing two Engineers, a planet infested with Xenomorphs, and their only hope of survival is to somehow sneak on board and steel the remaining Engineer ship. The android with them can it fly again. If they fail, they’ll be faced with monsters from all sides and probably starvation. I can’t imagine what they’ve been eating thus far has been nutritious or easy to get. It doesn’t help that now there are way more mouths to feed.

Part of what the previous issue did was reestablish the Fire and Stone characters while painting a very grim, hopeless situation for our current cast. Everyone is stuck on a planet-turned-hell, and there is only one way and one chance at escape. One*.

The ending then did the lovely, “from bad to worse to worser” trope which I’m a fan of.

This means that our fourth issue, while the logical step forward, is tense as hell from start to finish. From the debate on whether they should leave the sick and wounded behind to Ahab’s furious struggle with an Engineer, the whole comic feels absolutely kinetic. Everyone is acting at the top of their game, and it just isn’t enough to get the job done. So they improvise and play at heroics and do more-or-less everything you’d expect, but it’s so damn fun and awesome that it doesn’t matter. I was at the edge of my proverbial seat from page one to page 21.

It’s also all paced beautifully, I might add.

Dan Abnett is killing it with this series, but credit where credit is due: Andrea Mutti and Rain Beredo are pretty awesome. This series wouldn’t work without them. They make the moments of clarity profound, from facial expressions to vistas to angry Xenomorphs, and they sell the action, which flows from page to page.

P:LaD #4 is awesome. It ends on a monster cliffhanger, but the next issue is right around the corner. I’m so very, very excited for it.

*I haven’t forgotten about the other spaceship, but we don’t really know how much slower it moves than the Engineer one, and any day on LV223 is bound to be your last.