Quick Reviews of Stupid Comics 5-18-2018

Hey everyone, been awhile since I shotgunned a bunch of stupid words about some stupid comics. I keep reviewing all of the ones I read instead of blurbing, or barring that, just reading everything on Saturday in some gross comic binge of sweat and sloth. Of Sweat and Sloth is the name of my Iron Maiden cover band. We play all the songs at half the speed because we aren’t talented enough to play them at full speed. It’s pretty cool. I mean it’s horrible, but you know, pretty cool for being horrible. I bet we could open for ICP if we tried real hard.

Can I get a whoop whoop?


Rat Queens #9

So Rat Queens is odd this week, and that’s partially because there’s been a long hiatus and I don’t remember what was going on. I think–I think–everyone got sucked into parallel worlds and shit is all fucked up. Fair enough, but that means the drama, time skips, and violence don’t mean anything, right? Like we’ll solve all of this and go back to normal. It gives what’s going on a kind of sullen flare, because while I like the mystery and the drama, it doesn’t feel like Rat Queens. It’s not very funny for one, more like a soap opera with spells, and I couldn’t go passed a page without thinking of the framework. It’s a shame too, because I do like some of the ideas here. Violet time skipping forward and having a big family is interesting, because younger her doesn’t seem interested in that. I want to know how she got from point A to point B. I also don’t know if it means anything since this might be an alternate universe though, and that spoils a lot.

Flavor #1

It’s YA trite. I’m sure it’s okay, but I couldn’t get through to the end. Too much bland humor, bland art, and a setup that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. Hey, you know what you should check out if you want a cartoon involving food? Chowder. It’s like if Harry Potter were about chefs and magical spices instead of wizards and magical magic. Excellent show.

Gideon Falls #3

Lemire can still do no wrong. I’ve talked at length about this comic and why it’s amazing, so instead of going over the normal stuff, let’s just chat about how fucking wicked cool the panel layouts are. They’re fucking wicked cool. This comic is willing to experiment with the page, and as it goes, it highlights clues in big red circles and squares, so there are panels within panels. It’s a super engaging way to tell a comic, and also, really kind of creepy, like there’s this outside thing highlighting bits and pieces for us to notice that no one else does. When that creepy goblin thing stares at a character, it’s also staring at the reader. Goddamn Jeff Lemire is amazing.

Superman Special #1

Comics suck and are stupid. You know how I know this? This Superman SPECIAL which is a NUMBER ONE starts off with exposition from early Superman books because it’s not really special or a number one, it’s a number 48 or whatever fuckall number the series is on. This is why comics are impossible for newcomers to get into without a goddamn Wiki. It’s gross. We need to stop this. Also the rest of it’s kind of shit, or at least the first 17 pages are. I can’t be fucking bothered. DC needs to figure out of its books are dark and edgy or light and fun. This bouncing around is annoying, since most of the writers aren’t capable of actually handling both tones properly.