Quick Time Review Cooler Master SK622 Keyboard


  • Super response and satifsfying key presses.
  • Tons of RBG customization and lighting sets.
  • Ability to use via directly connected or via Bluetooths is a massive plus.
  • Lots of macro cusomtiomization.
  • Small form factor makes it easy to travel with.


  • SUPER confusing approach to connecting keyboard via Bluetooth (seriously it’s mmore complicated than what it should be)
  • Keyboard layout is confusing compared to standard kjeyboard layouts.
  • Cable connection is dfirectly in the middle of the back of the keyboard and I wish it was on one of the sides to allow for better cable management.

In Summary

The Cooler Master SK622 keyboard is an odd item. On one hand, I love how the key responses feel and love the overall feel of the keyboard itself, but the odd placement of keys, along with the confusing Bluetooth toggle and compact design makes it hard for me to recommend this as a gamers choice for a keyboard. I wrote this entire review from it and had more typing errors on this keyboard than any other I’ve used in recent memory. If you want this for everyday use as well I’d advise you to steer clear and look at other options instead.