Quick Time Review: Digimon Survive


+ Well written and engaging dialogue and story

+ Good emotional beats

+ Nice art style for both visual novel and battle segments

+Fun and steadily challenging strategy battles

+ Excellent music


– Takes a bit to get going at first

– Visual novel style won’t be for everyone

– Non-story related or “Free” Digimon seem kind of tacked on

In Summary:

For me, Digimon Survive is a surprise hit, and has so far been one of my favorite games this year. That being said, I do like the interactive novel niche. Those not accustomed to or not fans of interactive novels may get bored in the long segments between battles. There is a lot of talking and decision making that effects different things in the story. Optional free battles can help break things up, however. The battle system is a fun turn-based strategy RPG type with quite a few fun little quirks to learn and master.

The writing is where this game shines, bringing interesting characters to life and keeping up the tension of being in a dangerous yet fantastical world. The outstanding musical score furthers those emotional beats. One does not need to be familiar with Digimon to get engaged in the story. If you like well written visual novels with some extra tricks thrown in, don’t miss this one!