Quick Time Review: Doctor Who The Edge of Reality


  • Jodie Whittaker and David Tennant voice their respective iterations of the Doctor.
  • Being able to conttrol the sonic screwdriver.


  • The game is SUPER dark, I turned the brightness up to max and still couldn’t see half of what was around me (and this isn;t an issue with any games, horror games which are notoriosuly dark included).
  • The game orignated as a VR game and it shows….a lot.
  • Playing as an unknown character is missing the point of being a companion to the Doctor.
  • Levels can have odd auto fails that don’t make sesne and create nearly instant frustation.

In Summary

I love Doctor Who and the concept of having a game with my all-time favorite Doctor (David Tennant) along with the newest sounds like a recipe for success, but this game is anything but. Awful controls, terrible lighting, and just everything feeling broken make this a game I wouldn’t even play again if it was free. Even if you’re a hardcore Whovian this game has no redeeming qualities to it besides having the authentic voices of Jodie and David. If there is one thing I could say about this game would be to quote the Daleks: EXTERMINATE!