Quick Time Review: Klonoa Phantasy Reverie Series


  • Fun duo of platformers.
  • Cleaned-up graphics from PS2/Wii iterations look great in HD.
  • Story’s are light but entertaining,
  • Both games run great on (almost) all platforms.
  • Pixel filter gives a nice PS1-era touch if enabled.


  • Switch performance isn’t on par with other consoles, with sometimes constant frame drops and stuttering.
  • DLC is a bit pricey for an art book and cosmetics with no story or level additions.

In Summary

The Klonoa series were titles that I never fully gave a chance to on their original platforms and honestly never expected to see them revived. Boy was I wrong! Both titles are excellent platformers in their own right and callbacks to a different time that still holds up today. While these two games run smoothly on nearly every console, the Switch version has performance issues that can deter from the fun at times. I would recommend playing the demo on Switch before purchase, but on every other platform these are well worth the $40.