Quick Time Review: Persona 5 Royal (Switch)


  • It’s Persona 5, but portable!
  • MASSIVE story.
  • Performance is astounding on Switch hardware.
  • Crazy amount of replay value to see everything the game offers.


  • Having to replay the 1st Dungeon for what feels like the 100th time for me.
  • No new features compared to other versions.

In Summary

It’s Persona 5 Royal. If you haven’t read or know what this is then go out right now and enjoy one of the best JRPGs, hell one of the best games, to be released in the past 5 years. Atlus has done an amazing job porting this game to the Switch and has no real performance differences compared to its PS4 sibling. I do wish there was a chapter/ calendar select option for people like myself who have played the game on other platforms, but its a minor quibble. Seriously, go out and get this game and enjoy the next 100+ hours of this game.