Quick Time Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 MAX


  • Battery life is absolutely insane.
  • Amazing comfort level for short and long-term gaming sessions.
  • Audio is even better than the original Stealth 700 Gen 2s.
  • Quick charging to get back into the game faster.
  • Volume controls are easy to access.
  • Universal compatibility across all USB and Bluetooth devices is a massive plus.


  • Lack of different color options compared to their siblings the Stealth 600s
  • Additional 50$ over the original Stealth 700 Gen 2s may push people away.

In Summary

I absolutely loved the original Stealth 700 Gen 2s and these make an already amazing product even better. The insane battery life (I’ve had these for 2 1/2 weeks now and only needed to charge them once with daily gaming sessions) along with slightly improved audio improvements and the HUGE addition of universal compatibility across all consoles checks all the boxes for me. Yes, the jump from $150 to $200 is a bit much, but when compared to others in that price point, and the fact that these work on literally any device with a USB port, makes these the must-have gaming headset of 2022 as of right now.