Quick Time Reviews for July 23, 2017

Another month, and we are back with another edition of Quick Time Reviews! The Orange paint hasn’t changed and neither has our enthusiasm for the concept. So let’s review a couple of games in a quick and dirty fashion.

Marvel Heroes Omega (Xbox One and PS4)

Unfortunately, Marvel Heroes Omega on both consoles, which are mostly represented by graphical hitches. Although irritating at times, these issues are fixable via future patches. What truly matters is that Marvel Heroes achieves one very important goal–it scratches the loot itch created by Diablo and carried on by Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Borderlands, and Dungeon Siege. The ability to roam around as Hawkeye (because he’s way cooler than Spider-Man, Andrew!) and dispose of big enemies like Kingpin and Shocker is pure entertainment, and it’s made better by the random loot drops. The only true frustrating aspect is that you can’t simply buy new costumes for the heroes. You have to purchase randomized loot boxes and hope for a costume drop. It can be very expensive if your luck is bad.

At least you can play as Rocket Raccoon and summon Groot at a moment’s notice to fight. It’s great!

Score: 80%


I should probably start by saying that I haven’t put a ton of time into Fortnite. I played through the tutorial and took part in a few of the base building missions, which boils down to about three or four hours. So far, the experience has been pretty enjoyable. I really appreciate that you can craft ammo on the fly as it makes those bigger battles easier to manage. The same can be said for crafting traps on walls or floors to slow up the attackers. Sure, the shooting mechanics are a little funky, but the enemies are ridiculously easy to dispose of. Seriously, those stumbling hordes are a bonafide shooting gallery. And the grenade launchers just make the bodies go boom.

Despite the fewer hours of playtime, I do find Fortnite to be a solid experience. The pitcher husks make me giggle, and the basic enemies die in a satisfying manner. I still want to mess around with the different heroes and squad options a little more, but the early signs are positive.

Score: 85%