Roche Limit #2 Review

Written by: Michael Moreci

Art by:  Vic Malhdtra

Publisher: Image

After hitting the ground running last month I was excited to see where Moreci and Malhdtra went next with Roche Limit, thankfully this issue manages to avoid “second issue syndrome” and keeps up level of quality of the debut.

While I had a lot of fun with the previous issue, Alex Ford being the sort of lead who just emanates charisma, this time around there’s a slightly more serious tone as we see more of what looks to be the series’ villains. This doesn’t mean there’s been a complete tonal shift however, the fun and style of the previous issue is still here, however new folds and crinkles are being added which grant more depth to the story. Even Ford gets some pretty interesting backstory here which make him a more well-rounded character and sheds more light on his motivations for searching for Bekkah. While many other character details are still done through dialogue and left for the reader to figure out I appreciate the development of Ford and Sonya’s relationship. It strikes the perfect balance between effectively explaining the characters to us without having to bog down the issue and slow things down with a lot of exposition.

Artist Vic Malhdtra once again proves his diverse talents making this issue just as beautiful as the first. The vast stretch of the cosmos at the beginning of the book is simply breath-taking and gives the issue a very grandiose opening, the fact that he can switch so quickly to the seedy criminal underworld of Roche Limit then is truly a sight to see and makes the comic very visually interesting. His art also proves to be highly kinetic in an action scene wherein he plays with panel structure to generate movement, it was a very well done scene and showcased more of his visual talents.

Right now, the only thing worrying me about the series is the vast number of sub-plots going on. While I appreciate the ambition of the vast world being crafted, I feel that perhaps now is not the best time to introduce them. We’re just getting to know our main cast and getting to grips with how this world works that throwing so much other stuff at us seems a little distracting. Again, will I appreciate Moreci assuming the audience are smart enough to follow the story without very much hand-holding, though maybe giving some more time to our regular cast first before diving into the rest of this world would help ease people in, as right now it feels like some of this stuff would read better in a collected format.

Regardless though, this is another fine issue of Roche Limit that is just bursting with ideas and imagination. It seems that there are a lot of places to go within these pages and this world, so I’d highly recommend you checking it out and seeing where this ride takes us.