Secret Six #2 Review

Written by: Gail Simone

Art by: Ken Lashley

Publisher: DC

After such a long wait between the first and second issues of Secret Six I was a little worried about how issue two would go. Thankfully, the long delay hasn’t affected the series too much as this issue builds on everything the first did expertly delivering a fast paced, unique issue that set a really interesting status quo for the series going forward.

Much like last time, the focus here is mostly on Catman rather than the team itself. This issue he gets entire flashback scenes devoted to him which manage to provide a very unnerving and unique backstory for the character, one I haven’t really scene in a superhero comic before. Seeing him held captive for an entire year informs a lot about the character in the present day and adds new mysteries to the story such as who imprisoned him and why. While he is the focus of the story, the other team members get brief moments too which showcase some pretty fun interaction between them. It’s still early days, but I’d like to see the rest of the cast get some more time in the spotlight as they seem to be equally unique and interesting characters.

What’s also similar to last issue is the inconsistent quality to the art. I don’t mean to sound so negative, as 90% of the time is looks great. It has a very dark, surreal look that makes you feel unsettled, so basically the perfect fit for this book. The transformation in the look of Catman over his year imprisonment really drives home the hellish torture he’s been put through and effectively shows what mental anguish he’s going through, saving Simone from having to write any internal monologue. However, There are times when it starts to look a bit rough and sketchy, and towards the end it even looks like it’s been done by a completely different artist. I’m not sure if this an intentional artistic change or the result of having two different inkers, but it’s a real shame as when the art hits its stride it looks absolutely fantastic and helps to further strengthen this books unique feel and tone.

By the end of this issue, Simone has managed to put together her team and given them a mission statement, not bad for being only two issues in. I’m really excited to see where this book goes from here, delay aside, these first two issues have been really fast paced and effectively laid out a strong premise and hook for the series going forward. If some of the kinks in the art can be ironed out and maintain its usual high quality then this could easily become one of DC’s best new series.